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Our assets

AngioSoma, Inc. has a robust product pipeline, with patents, provisional patents, expired patents with corporate intellectual property / knowledge, registered trademarks, and many more to come. Here are the most important current corporate assets that contribute to our shareholder value.
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Liprostin™ pharmaceutical

Liprostin™ is a treatment for PAD that has completed FDA Phase I and three Phase II clinical trials. We are in discussions with contract research organizations (“CRO”) for completion of our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) protocol for Phase III and submission of our new drug application for marketing in the US and its territories.

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Transdermal PGE-1 Patch

The Transdermal PGE-1 Patch for the delivery of PGE-1 and / or Liprostin™ through the skin for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is part of a group of 2 Provisional US Patents and 2 Non-Provisional US Patents filed in September 2016 by AngioSoma, Inc.

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OmniCath I & OmniCath II

The OmniCath I is an atherectomy catheter that helps plaque removal by drilling, pulverizing and shaving it. The OmniCath I is protected by US Patent 5,728,129, and AngioSoma, Inc. is filing new patents currently which will, in conjunction with the original base patent, create the OmniCath™ II.

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Soma Nutriceuticals, Inc.

Soma Nutriceuticals, Inc. provides patented nutraceutical products that increase muscle mass as well as non-patented nutraceutical products with proprietary formulas for aiding sleep, erections, stamina, and other uses.

Our Team

AngioSoma, Inc.'s team of professionals underscores the talent that has gone into our pipeline of products as well as the ability to bring those products to value for our shareholders.

Alexanderia Blankenship

CEO & President
Ms. Blakenship has overseen the acquisition of intellectual property consisting of multiple patents from a private corporation.

David P. Summers, PhD

Chairman Emeritus
‘Doc’ Summers is our Chairman Emeritus and provides over 35 years of research and development of the products within our product pipeline. Officer and founder of numerous public companies, he’s our “secret sauce”.

Robert L. Sonfield, Jr. esq

Corporate Counsel
Robert Leon Sonfield, Jr. esq is one of the founders of AngioSoma, Inc. as well as its corporate counsel. With over 55 years of practice of law, Mr. Sonfield has been part of hundreds of transactions as well as SEC reporting for hundreds of public companies.

A. Tomas Garcia. III, MD

Scientific Board of Advisors
Dr. Garcia is a practicing physician in the field of cardiology for the past 35 years and the immediate past president of the Texas Medical Association.

Jackie R. See MD, FACC

Scientific Board of Advisors
Dr. See is a cardiologist and the principal inventor and author of the patent corporate of microsphere technology “PGE1-EDT”

Our Press Releases

As a publicly traded company, AngioSoma, Inc. provides news on its operations through press release distributors like Business Wire, but it provides the same news here in an expanded format with links to all of the initial released locations and expanded images. This conforms to Regulation FD disclosure requirements.

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